Whys to the Aggressive Online Phase I

1. Phase1 is the weight reduction phase of the Bariatric weight loss program.Dr. Morgan has chosen to offer aProtein Sparing Modified Fasting (PSMF) diet for several reasons, primarilybecause you will mobilize and lose fat stores at a predictable and steady rate.And, you will have virtually no sensation of hunger and will conserve lean bodymass. The PSMF diet is a chemically defined diet consisting of a naturalprotein formula (your 5-6 meal replacements a day), carefully calculatednutritional supplements (vitamins, minerals, micro-nutrients, electrolytes,trace elements, fiber) and fluids (96 oz/day). You have probably known someone(or even you yourself) who have lost weight and then regained it and more. Thereason for this rebound phenomenon is quite clear and simple. The weight that theylost was largely (40%-50%) lean body mass and there was a natural inner driveto replenish this lean body mass. On this program there is virtually no loss oflean body mass and you will not experience a rebound phenomenon after you haveattained your goal. However, all excess fat tissue must be lost, not just partof it.

Workingtogether with our trained professionals, you will learn what you canrealistically expect and set goals by which your progress is measured. Duringthis stage, we offer in-house dispensing of appetite suppressants whenmedically indicated, and a vitamin regimen to compliment your weight lossprogram. You will meet with your specialist each week to discuss your progress,your weight loss, and plans for the upcoming days. We will also check yourvital signs and make any necessary changes regarding medications, etc.

2.Wateris only thing that will break down fat stores and flush them out! No pill, noshot, no cream will melt fat stores like good old fashion water. Drinking the96 oz of water a day will make or break your weight loss each week. This can bethe difference is 2lbs or 5lbs when you step on the scale! Drink your water!

3 &4. During the first 4 days on the diet, because you are drinking a lot ofwater, you are losing sodium and potassium - two important electrolytes - thatwe need to replace. The potassium supplement will keep you from experiencingmuscle cramps, and the pickles or bouillon will replace the sodium lost andkeep you from having a headache. The Health Smart Dietary Supplement is amulit-vitamin that Dr. Morgan specifically formulated for this diet. Inaddition to the recommended daily vitamins and nutrients, Dr. Morgan addedextra amounts of vitamin D, calcium, and magnesium - all of which he considersextra important for women and individuals doing a PSMF diet.

5.Theitems listed on our Freebie list are relatively low in calories and do notinterfere with losing fat stores. They also help to keep you satisfied on thediet, and provide a little extra food throughout the day. You can have all 5 ofthe freebies every day in addition to your meal replacements.

6.Accountability is the key to success! Patients who weigh weekly and follow theprotocol will see the best results. Because we are not here to weigh you inpersonally, we recommend you picking a certain day of the week to weigh at home- Monday is good because it keeps you accountable over the weekend, and Fridayis good because you tend to stay on track all week - however, any day is fine.No matter what the scale says, record your weight! Use our weight trackingsheet or keep up with it on your own, but do write it down. If you are doingthis diet with a family member or friend, we suggest weighing each other soyour level of accountability is even higher. We also encourage you to writedown everything you put in your mouth each day. Not only does it keep track ofwhat you have and haven't eaten throughout the day, it also provides you withfactual information should you want to look for trends in your weight loss. Forexample, lets say you have been following the protocol strictly and all of asudden on your 6th week, you hit a plateau and don't lose any weight.Referencing your tracking sheet shows that while you have been eating all ofyour meal replacements, you have been eating mostly the same kind. It's good tohave a variety of hot meals, snacks, protein bars, and liquids like soups orshakes because it limits your carbohydrate and calorie intake. Afteridentifying this trend, you can make adjustments to you diet and get back ontrack the next week. You stay motivated and are less likely to quit the dietwhen you have the tools to provide answers that lead to better results! Whenyou record your weight and your food intake, there is no denying the positiveor negative choices you made that week!

7. The 1020 Wellness Starter Kits include everything you need tobegin the diet on the right foot. They provide a good variety of popular mealreplacements, a 32 oz water bottle and a 16 oz shaker cup ideal for mixingshakes, smoothies, cold and hot drinks, and soups. You will also receive aDaily Food and Weight Tracker and Meal Replacement Product List. We suggestusing this list to rank the meal replacements you like best so when it comestime to reorder, you can easily recall which items were your favorite. Oftentimes, patients and customers want to reorder a meal replacement (or a few)they have really enjoyed before their starter kit has been depleted. We thinkthis is a great idea because having your most favorite meal replacements onhand makes it easier to stay on track and keep focused when you know you havemeal replacements you enjoy eating every day. The Starter Kit has enough mealreplacements for six a day for two weeks. Be sure to reorder before the end ofweek 2 so you don't run out of food. Please allow 1-2 days for delivery.