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Healthy Halloween Fun for the Entire Family

Healthy Halloween Fun for the Entire Family

It’s that long-awaited time of year when fall sets in, the kids plan their favorite Halloween costumes, and lighted jack-o-lanterns dot front porches throughout the neighborhood. Halloween is only a few weeks away, and concerned parents are seeking new ideas to keep their kids safe, healthy, and happy. While the accumulation of a giant supply of treats is on the minds of most little urchins by the end of the night, there are some healthy family alternatives to consider in anticipation of this favorite holiday. These theme ideas may be suitable for every member of the family:

Plan Your Own Theme Party. It’s a great night for a chili feed with a pot of hot apple cider. The parents and the kids can dress up as a TV family (like Despicable Me, Beetle Juice, Batman’s villains, The Avengers, etc.). The kids can hand out healthier treat selections and indulge in them as well from their own homes.

Fruit Basket. Create costumes to resemble various pieces of fruit to fit every member of the family, and hit the neighborhood as a health-inspired fruit basket team. This is especially fun if you are trick-or-treating in your own area where your neighbors will recognize you. Plan to indulge in a real fruit bowl when you return to the house.

Halloween Workout. Outfit the entire family in spandex, strap on gym bags, and carry a couple of dumbbells. Large water bottles make perfect treat containers and keep the kids from stuffing oversized bags. For a family activity, plan a cheer or routine that can be delivered at doorsteps or in the neighborhoods throughout the evening

Community Parties. Many local schools and churches offer community parties for the whole family. Families can dress up as a team of angry birds, crayons, farm animals, playing cards, Sesame Street characters, Star Wars actors, Toy Story characters, 101 Dalmatians, etc. A meal is usually served, and treats are offered. The kids may not overindulge in as much candy.

Farmer's Wagon. The kids will love riding in the back of a big red wagon, and the parents can deliver them to every doorstep. Flannel shirts, suspenders, jeans, boots, and hats will outfit an entire family without costing a lot. Fill the hats with treats and head on home once the hats are full. Yee-hah!

With some creative thinking and a little pre-planning, parents can come up with safe, healthy and fun alternatives for Halloween. When parents and the kids celebrate Halloween together, candy intake is easier to manage.