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Tonia Simpson

Tonia Simpson
Lost 70 Pounds

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Tonia Simpson Testimonial

"I'll never for get the morning I woke up and decided that Tuesday was the day I would make different choices. I was tired of being overweight, tired of complaining about being overweight and tired of feeling guilty about being overweight. I'd reasoned with myself that past diet failures was justification enough from beginning another one. I called 1020 Wellness and scheduled my consultation. After my visit with Dr. Morgan, I finally felt ready to shed the excess weight for good. I can't tell you what a relief realizing that I wasn't on my own anymore. The panic I'd felt in the past when I felt weak and my motivation was lagging a bit evaporated the second I realized I could pick up the phone and get instantaneous support. I know I wouldn't have made it without the staff at 1020 Wellness.

I grew more excited about my weekly appointments because I couldn't wait for Dr. Morgan and the girls to be as excited as I was about the weight melting off every time they saw me. Other than my marriage and my children, I can't think of a success I've enjoyed more than the day I graduated to the Maintenance program.

I'm often asked if the diet is hard and my response is 'only if you make it so'. Committing to your appointments, finding the bars and meals that appeal most to your tastes and drinking your water is really all it takes. Some other tips for your success are make small, achievable goals instead of one big one that may take months to achieve. Those small accomplishments go a long way in keeping you motivated. Also, don't be afraid to reach out for help if you feel weak or you're confused about an approved supplement. Lastly, if you know a special occasion is coming up, let the girls at 1020 Wellness know and they can help you plan accordingly.

Be patient and know that you CAN do this! I did!