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Cold Beverages

Low Calorie Fruit Drinks That Help You Achieve Your Health Goals

1020 Wellness includes a wide range of foods and drinks that help you lose weight while avoiding surgery and unhealthy drugs. The focus here is on proper nutrition through ingestion of a healthy diet and proper food supplementation.

The program is based around five (for females) or six (for males) healthy meal replacements per day. As an option to one of the regular replacement meals, you may also substitute one of our delicious, high-protein, low calorie fruit drinks. Choose from refreshing summer drinks such as Kiwi Melon, Peach Mango and other popular tropical fruit drinks. They have only 60 or 70 calories and a mere two grams of carbohydrates per serving, yet provide 15 grams of protein and contain zero fat.

Other fantastic tasting, healthy fruity summer drinks include orange, raspberry, lemon, grape and more. By the way, these cold summer drinks taste great all year round!



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