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Online Weight Loss Program

Bariatric Diet: Weight Loss At Home

If you've struggled to maintain a healthy body weight on your own, an online weight loss program is a great solution. When you follow a doctor diet program, you benefit from an understandable diet plan that has already delivered results for many other people in situations similar to your own. You also receive support and encouragement from professionals who understand what the weight loss process requires emotionally and physically.

When you follow a weight loss program online, you can do the work in your own time. You can access online guidelines, tools and resources whenever it fits into your daily life, and you can always print out materials and hang them up in your kitchen or office for convenience. Additionally, our Health & Wellness app will keep you on track by giving you access to a range of valuable tools to complement your consultations.
The best online weight loss program is one that fits your lifestyle. Our program lets you choose between gradual weight loss and a more aggressive program, and the program provides just as much assistance during the maintenance phase as the weight loss phase.

Aggressive Online Weight Loss Program

If your health goals include losing a significant amount of weight, you might be thinking that you have to undergo weight loss surgery. Fortunately, we at 1020 Wellness are here to show you another way. Achieving significant weight loss without surgery is possible, and you can do it with the support of trusted experts. Thanks to the variety of communication tools available today, our non-surgical approach to bariatric medicine is available to you online – right here!

Unlike many other high-protein low-carb diet plans, our protein-sparing modified fast program isn’t designed to be a quick fix. Instead, our customized weight loss meal plan is unique to you and designed to adapt to your progress over time.

Call 1020 Wellness at 205-752-5454 so you can see which of our diet plans for aggressive weight loss is the right fit for you!

Diet Plans for Moderate Weight Loss

Losing weight by changing your diet, exercise and habits can be challenging. No one understands that better than 1020 Wellness, where our weight loss experts have helped thousands of patients achieve life-changing weight loss results naturally and without surgery. As with many keto diet plans that are popular today, the goal is to preserve lean body mass while using fat stores as energy.

What no one tells you about losing weight is that support from experts is key to long-term success. We offer programs for online weight loss without surgery, so you can build your new healthy lifestyle around your work, life and family commitments no matter where you are. Our three-phase approach helps people lose weight with healthy food, exercise and behavioral therapy – and keep it off.
Call us today at 205-752-5454, and you can start on the path to better health and optimal wellness!

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