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Weight Loss App Information Guide

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Easy weight & exercise tracking.

Log your meals & view calorie breakdown.

Install the 1020 Wellness app on Apple or Android devices.

Real-Time Tracking

Easily record weight changes, BMI, lean mass, food and water intake, daily steps, calories-out & more.

Communication Made Easy
Engage with your coach between clinic visits to get the feedback and inspiration you need. Scheduling & messaging are a snap, too!

Plenty of Integrations
Integrates with a wide range of third-party watches, trackers & scales, so there's no need to to invest in tons of new equipment.

Integrated Scale Features

Weight & BMI

Records your weight and automatically calculates your body mass index. Your BMI denotes the ratio between your weight and height, and is an important factor when measuring healthy weight loss.

Lean Mass Metrics

While losing weight, it's important to maintain muscle mass to improve strength and physical function. The integrated lean mass feature will provide you with daily valuable data regarding your lean percentages.

Hydration Monitoring

Proper hydration is critical for weight loss, body function and general well being. This feature is especially helpful for people who have trouble staying on top of their daily water consumption.

Customized Weight Loss Monitoring

Real-Time Tracking

Be more successful in your weight loss journey. Track and monitor your progress, and put real-time data in your coach's hands 24/7.

Coaching & Consultations

Engage with your coach between clinic visits, view coaches' availability and schedule appointments automatically.

Journaling & Scheduling

Journal your meals, water intake, supplement goals, exercises and more. Simplify daily complexities such as scheduling and weigh-ins.

Track Steps

Increasing your physical activity is paramount to developing a healthy lifestyle. The tracker turns your steps into data to provide you valuable feedback.

Track Activity Time

Are you active for at least 30 minutes daily? Patients who use the app report improved motivation & continue their weight loss program longer.

Track Calories Burned

Learn which activities have the biggest payoff with this integrated feature.

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introducing the bariatric mobile app

Getting Started

The mobile app is available to download for Apple & Android devices, and syncs with the BALANCE Scale, the STRIVE Tracker and a range of other devices so you can track and monitor your progress in real time. Easily journal your meals, your water consumption, your supplement intake and more, and engage with your coach between visits. The app makes it a snap to view your progress, schedule consultations and tailor your goals as needed.

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Start Tracking

The Scale.
  • Weight
  • Hydration
  • Body Mass Index
  • Body Fat Percentage
The Tracker.
  • Steps
  • Distance
  • Active time
  • Calories Burned
The App.
  • Messaging
  • Scheduling
  • Pain Tracking
  • Meal Journaling
  • Device Integration

The 1020 Wellness Mobile App

Real-Time Tracking

Track and monitor your goals, weight and progress in real time. The app puts valuable data into your coach's hands 24/7.

Customized Goals & Plans

Everyone's needs our different. Plan and journal your meals & exercise, and easily keep track of other essentials such as water intake & supplement goals.

Coaching & Scheduling

Communicate with your coach anytime between visits for feedback and inspiration. Simplify daily complexities such as scheduling and weigh-ins.

Greater Success

Find more success in your weight loss journey. App-usersreport improved motivation and experience 86.3% more weight loss than non-app users.

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