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10 Great Activities to Do Before Summer Ends

10 Great Activities To Do Before Summer Ends

Make it a great rest of the summer! Create a list of ten things to add to your end-of-summer bucket list and make them relaxing, rewarding, and achievable activities. The simple pleasures in life are often overlooked due to daily “on-the-go” lifestyles or challenges, leaving little time for peace. Here are some ideas for 10 great things to do before summer ends.

    1. Take an Early Morning Walk. Leave the house, and go to a local park or botanical garden for an early morning walk. Breathe in the fresh morning air, take in the smells, and look for flowers, plants, bumblebees, and creatures that you rarely noticed. Take some notes or snapshots to look back on in the future. Stop on a bench and meditate in silence for five or ten minutes. It may take an effort to simply sit still, but the rewards are deeply relaxing if you can pull it off at the park or on your porch.
    2. Pack a Picnic. If your town has a river running through it, a Shakespeare festival, or a rose garden, pack a picnic and treat yourself to an outing that you can enjoy. Put together a healthy fruit and veggie plate with a light dressing, a refreshing peach-raspberry tea, and small serving of your favorite low-cal dessert and find a great spot where you can relax and enjoy the great outdoors. If you can’t get out, you can dine from your vehicle or your patio where there’s a view you love.
    3. Shop for a New Item. When you need a lift, think of one small item that you would love and look for it. It might be a piece of clothing, a decorative item for your patio, a bottle of lotion, or a gift for someone else. If getting to the gift shop is not as easy as it sounds, get it online!
    4. Plant a Late Season Vegetable. Did you know that radishes, bunch onions, broccoli, spinach, and leaf lettuces take only 30 days to mature, in many climates? You can construct a small raised bed in the yard or on the porch and cover it to create a simple greenhouse that may take you through the fall. Plant something interesting, water it, and watch it grow.
    5. Take in the Jazz Winery. The temperatures are finally cooling down a little, and most wineries these days feature live music and tasting on Saturdays or Sundays. You can pack your own appetizers or snacks, do a little sipping, and lounge around for most of the afternoon while listening to some good tunes. Be sure to pack your fold-up chairs or a blanket to relax on. If you can’t get out, tune into jazz on your TV and try this from your own living space.
    6. Shop at a Farmer's Market. Most every city or town has a local Saturday marketplace where you can pick up fresh produce, beautiful handcrafts, fine art, lavishing body care, and a variety of foods and beverages. It is a wonderful place to relax, wander, meet people, pet the dogs, and try samples of everything under the sun. Bring home something special that you can’t find anywhere else.
    7. Volunteer! There is nothing more rewarding, but you won’t feel the fever of volunteering until you have stepped out of your comfort zone to do something worthy for someone else. If you experience a calling, do not hesitate. There is an amazing connection that takes place when you reach out, and it is a chance to take your mind off of you and really focus on another cause. Even when you have needs of your own, you can support the needs of someone else for a rewarding experience.
    8. Take a Friday or Saturday Run on Estate Sales There is nothing like a good deal to make your day. Check out the online ads or local newspaper for upcoming weekend estate sales. They usually start on Friday mornings if you can get there early for the best deals, but Saturday and Sunday often bring discounted merchandise. Call a friend or neighbor, and make a plan to visit two or three good sales in the morning, and you will be amazed at what you will find.
    9. Take a Bike Ride Riding a bicycle is an exercise that many people can accomplish and it provides the opportunity to see a lot of open space in a short amount of time. Get on the city greenbelt or nearby bike path, and let the pounds fall away while you pedal on. Attach your water bottle, wear a helmet, and ride. Stop along the way to see birds, butterflies, and wildlife. Look for everyday wonders that you can’t see from your couch.
    10. Make Smoothies! Smoothies contribute to healthy diets and weight loss, and there are some incredible 30-second smoothie makers on the market and lots of exciting recipes to choose from. Throw in some greens, frozen berries, a banana, flaxseed, plain yogurt or frozen yogurt, and a little liquid of choice, and you’ve got a meal or dessert you can love. You can’t taste the greens, but you get the daily vitamins and nutrients you need. Become a “lifer” smoothie consumer and enjoy the numerous health benefits and diet options.

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