Whys on the 1020 Wellness Phase I

Q&A on 1020 Wellness Phase I


1. Phase1 is the weight reduction phase of the Bariatric weight loss program. Dr. Morgan has chosen to offer aProtein Sparing Modified Fasting (PSMF) diet for several reasons, primarilybecause you will mobilize and lose fat stores at a predictable and steady rate.And, you will have virtually no sensation of hunger and will conserve lean bodymass. The PSMF diet is a chemically defined diet consisting of a naturalprotein formula (your 5-6 meal replacements a day), carefully calculatednutritional supplements (vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, electrolytes,trace elements, fiber) and fluids (96 oz/day). You have probably known someone(or even you yourself) who have lost weight and then regained it and more. Thereason for this rebound phenomenon is quite clear and simple. The weight thatthey lost was largely (40%-50%) lean body mass and there was a natural innerdrive to replenish this lean body mass. On this program there is virtually noloss of lean body mass and you will not experience a rebound phenomenon afteryou have attained your goal. However, all excess fat tissue must be lost, notjust part of it.

Workingtogether with our trained professionals, you will learn what you canrealistically expect and set goals by which your progress is measured. Duringthis stage, we offer in-house dispensing of appetite suppressants when medicallyindicated, and a vitamin regimen to compliment your weight loss program. Youwill meet with your specialist each week to discuss your progress, your weightloss, and plans for the upcoming days. We will also check your vital signs andmake any necessary changes regarding medications, etc.

2.Wateris only thing that will break down fat stores and flush them out! No pill, noshot, no cream will melt fat stores like good old fashion water. Drinking the96 oz of water a day will make or break your weight loss each week. This can bethe difference is 2lbs or 5lbs when you step on the scale! Drink your water!

3 &4. During the first 4 days on the diet, because you are drinking a lot ofwater, you are losing sodium and potassium - two important electrolytes - thatwe need to replace. The potassium supplement will keep you from experiencingmuscle cramps, and the pickles or bouillon will replace the sodium lost andkeep you from having a headache. The Health Smart Dietary Supplement is a multi-vitaminthat Dr. Morgan specifically formulated for this diet. In addition to therecommended daily vitamins and nutrients, Dr. Morgan added extra amounts ofvitamin D, calcium, and magnesium - all of which he considers extra importantfor women and individuals doing a PSMF diet.

5.Theitems listed on our Freebie list are relatively low in calories and do notinterfere with losing fat stores. They also help to keep you satisfied on thediet, and provide a little extra food throughout the day. You can have all 5 ofthe freebies every day in addition to your meal replacements.

6.Accountability is the key to success! Patients who weigh in weekly and followthe protocol will see the best results. During your weekly visits, you will bemonitored by one of our staff. Visits will last from just a few minutes to ahalf hour or longer depending on your particular needs. Your weight and bloodpressure will be checked. Certain diagnostic tests will be performed asindicated (labs will drawn every 4-6 weeks or when Dr. Morgan deems themnecessary). Counseling, suggestions, and discussion of any problemsencountered, psychological support, and encouragement are given on a weeklybasis by one of our bariatric specialists. This is also the time to pick upappetite suppressants, get B-12 or Lipotrophic injections, and notify us of anychanges to medications or your medical history.