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Weight Loss Drinks

Bariatric Weight Loss Drinks

liquid protein drinks to lose weight

Finally, healthy low-calorie fruit drinks high in protein for dieters, health-conscious folks, and those who love a sweetened beverage but do not want the sugar or excess calories! 1020 Wellness is offering healthy fruit drinks with protein in a variety of fruity flavors health enthusiasts love. These amazing drinks can be used to quench thirst for an afternoon workout at the gym, as liquid protein drinks to lose weight, or simply as late evening snacks to curb the appetite and satisfy the cravings for sweets.

For citrus fans, grapefruit, lemon, or orange may satisfy the palette. For a tropical island-style beverage, lemon razzy, tropical fruit, kiwi-melon, or peach-mango are favorites. Those who prefer to mix flavors will enjoy the green tea and cranberry or pineapple orange blends. Wildberry, grape, and cool raspberry will satisfy most everyone else.

At 1020 Wellness, our clientele is comforted by the fact that all of these lactose-free protein drinks are reviewed and approved by a doctor to provide health benefits, particularly to aid in weight loss. Not only are these drinks delicious and nutritious, but many of these healthy fruit drinks with protein are also designed as a protein meal replacement.

These Proti-Diet solutions are just what dieters and health-conscious people have been looking for, with many exotic flavors to choose from. Simply mix these low-calorie servings with cold water, add ice if you like, and enjoy 12-15 grams of protein, with only 60-100 calories and 1-7 grams of carbs. Stock up on boxes in every flavor, and take your water bottle along with a couple of healthy fruit drink pouches to the office, the gym, or the park. It is a quick and easy fix for sudden hunger pangs or extreme thirst in the heat of the day.

Take a trip to your favorite island without ever leaving your patio. Enjoy healthy fruit drinks with protein, curb your appetite, and get the protein you need without all of the sugar. Drink healthy and stay fit with 1020 Wellness.