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Healthy Desserts - Baria-TRICKS

Just because you’re on a diet doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy tasty foods and healthy desserts. Try some of these easy tricks to add a little variety and excitement to your diet! Feel free to suggest helpful tips you’ve discovered and email them to [email protected]

*Mix the macaroni & cheese and vegetarian chili with beans to make a Chili-Mac dinner. (this trick can be used for both macaroni and vegetarian chili with beans).

*Mix the spaghetti and fettuccine together and bake to recreate a delicious Italian meal!

*Put the chicken marinara on fat-free saltine crackers and heat in the oven under broiler, season to taste.

*Make the chocolate, vanilla or strawberry shake with ½ cup of water and ½ cup skim milk (freebie) and freeze for 2 hours to make ice-cream.  Try also adding coconut, pineapple, or pina colada extract (watch the calories-no more than 10 calories).

*Blend the vanilla pudding shake with orange extract or orange flavored crystal light and freeze to make an orange dreamsicle.

For some delicious, yet healthy desserts, combine the hot chocolate and the vanilla pudding shake and heat for an extra creamy hot chocolate.

*Mix cereal (any flavor) or granola together with your yogurt (freebie) to make a delicious parfait.

*Prepare the macaroni & cheese or fettuccine and use 4oz of water and 4oz of skim milk (freebie) and heat on the stove instead of the microwave. It makes both of these supplements even tastier!

*Mix the vanilla pudding shake with 8oz of a diet Coke or diet Root Beer and make a coke/root beer float!

*The strawberry pudding shake is good with diet Sprite or diet Sierra Mist.

*Dip the pretzel twists in mustard, as though you were at the ballpark!

*Slice any of the cookies, use spray butter (“I can’t believe it’s not Butter”) and toast.

*Crumble any cookie on top of the cheesecake

*Make Cheesecake and chill in the refrigerator, melt 3 chocolate chews and drizzle on top.

*Put any shake in the blender and crumble a bar on top to make a blizzard.

*Try beef bullion in the Minestrone soup or vegetable beef soup.

*Try chicken bullion in the chicken soups.

*Microwave cookie (keep in the package) for 12 seconds.

*Protein Fruit Smoothie: mix 1 pkg of any pudding shake mix and any flavor of yogurt.  Add 3 ice cubes & blend until well mixed.

*Cinnamon Mocha Shake: Mix 1 pkg of chocolate pudding mix, 6-8 oz cold water, ½ teaspoon cinnamon, 1 teaspoon decaffeinated instant coffee.  Blend all ingredients.

*Put chicken bouillon in the fettuccine or the macaroni & cheese.

Feel free to suggest helpful tips for some delicious, yet healthy desserts and foods you’ve discovered and email them to
[email protected]. To download your own copy of Baria-TRICKS, click here.