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Keeping track of calories in versus calories out is the cornerstone of any weight loss program. But the quality of the calories you consume actually matter as much as the count itself. Some calories provide more nutrition and keep you full longer, while others will leave you reaching for more within an hour or two.

When your goal is weight loss, being able to stay full longer means you eat less over time. Foods high in protein will not only keep you full longer but you'll also require less food to give you the same satisfaction. This is what makes protein a key ingredient for weight loss success.
Our gluten free bariatric foods range from meals to snacks and desserts. We carry shakes, puddings, meal bars, salty and crunchy foods, microwavables and more - all gluten free!Delicious and high-quality protein foods that are still low in calories are the perfect recipe for anyone on a weight loss plan or for those who have undergone gastric bypass surgery and need small meals packed with nutrition.

1020 Wellness is your connection to post-surgery foods and for the foods you need to maintain the commitment you've made to yourself and your family. You deserve to live a long and healthy life, and you deserve foods that you can enjoy without feeling that you're denying yourself all of life's little pleasures.
Our celiac friendly weight loss foods take the guesswork out of calorie counting and make sticking to a meal plan easier and more rewarding. Treat yourself to something tasty every day without neglecting your weight loss journey or your nutritional needs. Together, we can lose the weight and keep it off!