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Healthy Cold Weather Drinks

Cozy up and relax with any one of the delicious hot beverages offered here at 1020 Wellness. Not only will cold weather drinks such as our Creamy Hot Cocoa, Mint Hot Cocoa, or our Vanilla Cappuccino keep you warm and bring a feeling of tranquility to your life when the weather is cold or you aren’t feeling 100%, but they are also void of much of the fat and calories that come with similar beverages. That’s right, these are healthy hot drinks! You may find it difficult to believe that a drink can be good for you and yet still burst with flavor, and that is exactly why you need to try these. Warm winter drinks from 1020 Wellness are the perfect treat for when you need a caffeine boost before work or simply want to relax on the couch with your Kindle or your new favorite show queued up on Netflix. Of course, they also go great over conversation with a friend.

In addition to hot winter drinks, 1020 Wellness offers healthy alternatives for every meal of the day including dessert. If you are set on taking the first step toward a healthy lifestyle, or you have already been doing so for some time, 1020 Wellness has just the food supply that you’ve been looking for. Start eating great and feeling great today! Results will vary from patient to patient based on a variety of factors.



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