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How To Stay on Diet Track When Traveling

How To Stay on Diet Track When Traveling

With warmer months around the corner, you may be gearing up for some well-deserved vacation days. Whether sunny beaches, thrilling mountains, exciting new cities or a quiet retreat awaits you, this may be the moment of weakness that leads you to cave on your diet. When you travel, you eat out for the majority of your trip, which makes it very easy to break your routine. While many decide to forgo their diet and indulge in every food while on vacation, this decision makes it much harder to get back to your daily routine when you get back. An unhealthy diet can lead to fatigue, a bad mood, stress and even oversleeping. Therefore, you should never forgo your diet simply because you are traveling. Just a few days on a poor diet can make you lose weeks’ worth of progress. You may think that sticking to your diet is extremely hard - and while it does require discipline and self-control, it is not impossible. Here are some tips on how to stay true to your diet while you are traveling.

Shop & Eat Local

Stay away from that McDonalds, Starbucks, Subway and other fast food restaurants that are available all over the world. While this may be a quick and easy option to satisfy your hunger while you travel, it is detrimental to your diet goals and your traveling experience. Instead, opt for shopping at a local grocery store and making a meal or two a day at home. Not only is this a much healthier option, but it will save you money so that you can enjoy other traveling experiences and bring home more souvenirs! Plus, ingredients from a local grocery store or restaurant will be a lot fresher.

Pack Snacks

This is especially important since you may not have the luxury of buying groceries or even having a kitchen in your lodging accommodation. Even if you do have a kitchen, odds are the only meal you may have the time to prepare is breakfast. Healthy options are limited when you eat out, and you don’t necessarily have the time to look for a healthy restaurant if you have a full itinerary. Therefore, it will help you immensely to pack plenty of healthy snack options such as protein bars, desserts, chips, and other nutritious foods for your vacation. All of our snacks are low in calories and sugar and filled with protein to keep you full and curb your appetite.

Bring Your Own Meals

If you are traveling locally, it is feasible and ideal for you to bring your own healthy meals. Even if you just pack one healthy meal per day, this small step can go a long way in keeping you on track. We offer plenty of healthy microwavable options for lunch and dinner, including classic favorites such as beef stroganoff, lasagna, chicken enchiladas and more so that you don’t miss out on your favorite foods. Plus, all you need is a microwave and you have a nutritious meal in a matter of minutes so you don’t have to waste precious vacation time on cooking.

Stay Hydrated

This is a given when you are traveling. But at 1020 Wellness we offer a variety of delicious fruit drinks that keep you hydrated and raise your protein intake. Featuring an assortment of refreshing flavors such as grape, kiwi melon, peach mango, lemon razzy, grapefruit, wildberry and pineapple orange, our powder drinks contain up to 15g of protein and no more than 2g of sugar. Packaged in small individual envelopes, these drinks are perfect for traveling. Plus, they are lactose free and will provide you with the extra protein you need to remain energized on long days of traveling.

Don’t Over-Restrict Yourself

This is the most important precaution you can take to stay true to your diet, but it is especially important when you are traveling. After all, part of the fun is having the opportunity to try exciting and unique new foods. Your Europe trip would definitely be incomplete without wine, pasta, gelato and crepes! So go ahead and allow yourself to indulge in a few restricted foods; just remember to exercise proper self-control. Plus, you’ll easily be able to burn all those extra calories with all the walking around a new city.

Staying on track with your diet is a task that requires discipline and self-control, but it does not have to require sacrificing your favorite foods. At 1020 Wellness, we offer a variety of healthy alternatives so that your healthy weight-loss diet doesn’t feel restrictive. Browse through our site to find delicious, low-sugar, protein-packed foods. We stock a variety of drinks, smoothies, snacks and desserts for a well-balanced breakfast, lunch and dinner.