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Kosher diets, which are typically practiced by those in the Jewish religion, have become increasingly popular among people who are interested in both food safety and healthful eating. What exactly is a Kosher diet, you ask? In its broadest definition, a kosher diet is one that puts restrictions on the types of meat that can be eaten (i.e. Pork is not allowed to be consumed), adheres to specific butchering practices, determines which foods can and cannot be combined in a meal, and ensures all fresh produce accommodates stringent inspection guidelines. With these ideas in mind, it’s easy to see why many people have jumped on the kosher bandwagon. Kosher diets can be more organic, more ethical and ultimately lead to a lifestyle of conscious eating habits.

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of following a Kosher meal plan is its health benefits. Following this diet can help you cut down on calories or eat less refined flours and sugars. Losing weight will have never felt easier with our wide-ranging selection of certified kosher diet foods. These snacks and meals serve as healthy, low-calorie alternatives to your favorite grocery store picks and include everything from chocolate bars, oatmeal, and chips! Jump-start your path to healthy living by adding a multitude of kosher diet meals to your bariatric eating plan today!



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