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Phase II - Realimentation

Phase II - Realimentation

Phase 2of the Protein Sparing Modified Fasting diet is called Realimentation. Once youare within 5 pounds of your goal weight, we will gradually reintroduce groceryfoods back in to your diet under our professional supervision. This purpose ofthis 4-week process is to slowly increase calories and restore digestivefunctions from fasting mode back to their normal capacity. Upon startingRealimentation, you will receive a detailed packet with information on whichfoods you may eat from each food group and the correct portion sizes andcalorie counts. Click HERE for the Realimentation Protocol.

Week 1 -5 meal replacements + protein, salad, and vegetable

Week 2 -4 meal replacements + protein, salad, vegeatable, and fruit

Week 3 -3 meal replacements + protein, salad, vegetable, fruit, and dairy

Week 4 -2 meal replacements + protein, salad, vegetable, fruit, dairy, and starch

MetabolicTesting - at the end of week 4, we will conduct an impedence test and use anindirect calorimeter to measure your metabolism. From these tests, we willdesign an individualized meal plan that will let you know just how manycalories you personally can consume each day and maintain your weight within 5pounds. Dr. Morgan feels this information is vital to your success inmaintenance! The customized meal plan will include foods that you like toprepare, eat, and shop for. Most of them also include your favorite mealreplacements because they are so portable, affordable, and easy to prepare!