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Tropical Protein Drink

Low-Carb Tropical Weight Loss Drink

You know it's easier to stay on a healthy diet when you have plenty of delicious choices. We add refreshing convenience to your mealtime strategies with our delightful 1020 Wellness Tropical Fruit Drink. Sit back and relax any time of day with a satisfying taste of island sunshine. Indulge in the sweet pleasure of a tropical weight loss drink that keeps the calories down to 60 per serving. One tall, cool glass of this tempting treat takes care of sudden cravings with guilt-free pleasure.

It's hard to find satisfying diet drinks without aspartame, but we've developed our entire line of healthy fruit drinks around your well-being. Concentrated flavors put natural sweetness into our Tropical Fruit Drink, and our special formula contains 2 grams of carbohydrates and zero fat. Because protein is so important to successful bariatric dieting, this delicious drink delivers 15 grams with each serving. Simply snap open a convenient pouch, mix it with 8 ounces of water, and drop in the ice cubes. You'll enjoy a tall glass of refreshment that's sure to bring on a healthy smile.

Staying hydrated during your busy day is a breeze with the tantalizing taste of our tropical protein replacement drink, and we're proud to include this great product as part of our overall bariatric program. Our dedicated clients have lost more than 130,000 pounds with our plan, and they’re still counting! If you'd like more information about our Tropical Fruit Drink, effective meal strategies and physician-designed weight loss programs, give our friendly staff here at 1020 Wellness a call. We look forward to becoming your partner in developing the last diet plan you'll ever need.