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Variety Packs

Healthy Food for Bariatric Diets

Variety is the spice of life, and enjoying a balanced diet is essential to the long-term success of your weight loss plan. That’s why we at 1020 Wellness offer variety packs to help you get the nutrition you need while staying on your diet plan.

If you’ve been in one of our programs for a while, you know that you get to choose your meals and meal replacements. Our protein bar variety packs ensure you are always getting the proper nutrition, whether you’re eating at home or on the go, and without having to grab the same thing every time. Shakes and smoothies are delicious treats that act as a meal replacement in our weight reduction programs.

Meal replacement shakes and drinks aren’t the only part of your diet plan you get to have fun with. Our bariatric desserts and snacks are made to be a tasty reward for you without compromising your progress toward your goals.



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