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Single Serve Entrees

Healthy Microwavable Meals for Lunch & Dinner

It’s one thing to commit to eating healthy and another thing entirely to make it happen. 1020 Wellness brings you a variety of healthy frozen meals that are perfect for lunch and dinner and are ready-made. Just throw them in the microwave and, a few minutes later, treat yourself to a low calorie, high protein meal. With the wide selection of these healthy shelf stable dinners and lunches, you can treat your taste buds to something new every day. From spaghetti and meatballs or chicken pasta parmesan to spicy chicken, green pepper steak, and even chicken enchiladas, enjoy something too delicious to be healthy every day of the week!

As delicious as these pre made meals for weight loss are, rest assured they are, in fact, good for you. With the help of our experienced physicians, we at 1020 Wellness specialize in bringing you meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner – and even desserts – that taste great, help you lose weight and help you keep it off. We are particularly proud of that last one. Too many programs offer a diet that helps people lose weight but, effective as they may be, patients revert quickly back to their old weight once they relax. We believe that health is not a fad, but a lifestyle; use the left nav to find all the foods to help you live that life. Results will vary from patient to patient based on a variety of factors.



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