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PSMF Diet Bariatric Weight Loss Phases

PSMF Weight Loss Phases

Phase 1
Phase 1 is the weight reduction phase of the Bariatric weight loss program. Dr. Morgan has chosen to offer a Protein Sparing Modified Fasting (PSMF) diet for several reasons, primarily because you will mobilize and lose fat stores at a predictable and steady rate. Additionally, you will have virtually no sensation of hunger and will conserve lean body mass. The PSMF diet is a chemically defined diet consisting of a natural protein formula, carefully calculated nutritional supplements and fluids.
You have probably known someone (or even you yourself) who has lost weight and then regained it and more. The reason for this rebound phenomenon is quite clear and simple: The weight that they lost was largely (40%-50%) lean body mass and there was a natural inner drive to replenish this. Contrary to other programs, the PSMF diet results in virtually no loss of lean body mass, and you will not experience a rebound phenomenon after you have attained your goal. However, all excess fat tissue must be lost, not just part of it.
This easily modified fasting meal plan will give you the results you want without taking over your life. The protocol for the PSMF phase 1 diet plan is outlined in seven simple steps below:

1. Women choose any five meal replacements; men choose any six meal replacements.
All items are considered meal replacements except for the Fulfill Mixed Fruit Drink, the Fulfill Iced Tea with Lemon, the Fulfill Chicken-Flavored Bouillon Soup, the Chocolate Fudge Biscotti and the Chocolate Chip Biscotti.

2. Drink 96 ounces of water each day (that’s 12 cups). Water is only thing that will break down fat stores and flush them out! No pill, no shot, no cream will melt fat stores like good old fashion water. Drinking the 96 oz of water a day will make or break your weight loss each week. This can be the difference is 2lbs or 5lbs when you step on the scale!
You may add sugar-free flavors, as long as they are 5 calories or less (such as Crystal Light, sugar-free Kool-Aid, MiO).

3. Take our Potassium Dietary Supplement and our Health Smart Dietary Supplement each day.
For the first four days, eat two to four pickle spears or drink one to two servings of bouillon.

During the first four days on the diet, since you are drinking a lot of water, you are losing sodium and potassium - two important electrolytes - that you will need to replace. The potassium supplement will keep you from experiencing muscle cramps, and the pickles or bouillon will replace the sodium lost and keep you from having a headache. The Health Smart Dietary Supplement is a mulit-vitamin that Dr. Morgan specifically formulated for this diet. In addition to the recommended daily vitamins and nutrients, Dr. Morgan added extra amounts of vitamin D, calcium, and magnesium - all of which he considers extra important for women and individuals doing a PSMF diet.

4. In addition to your five or six meal replacements, you may also eat "freebies" from your pantry. The items listed on our Freebie list are relatively low in calories and do not interfere with losing fat stores. They also help to keep you satisfied on the diet, and provide a little extra food throughout the day. You can have all 5 of the freebies every day in addition to your meal replacements.
-Chocolate Chip or Chocolate Fudge Biscotti.
-One yogurt (60 calories or less - Dannon Light & Fit, Fiber One or Activia Light, to name a few) OR 1/2 cup of skim milk.
-Chicken, beef or vegetable bouillon soup (one to two servings)
-Sugar-Free Jell-O (two to three servings)
-Dill pickle spears (two to four servings)

5. Weigh in weekly at the Brookwood Medical Center in Birmingham. Accountability is the key to success! Patients who weigh in weekly and follow the protocol will see the best results. During your weekly visits, you will be monitored by one of our staff. Visits will last from just a few minutes to a half hour or longer depending on your particular needs. Your weight and blood pressure will be checked. Certain diagnostic tests will be performed as indicated (labs will drawn every 4-6 weeks or when Dr. Morgan deems them necessary). Counseling, suggestions, and discussion of any problems encountered, psychological support, and encouragement are given on a weekly basis by one of our bariatric specialists. This is also the time to pick up appetite suppressants, get B-12 or Lipotrophic injections, and notify us of any changes to medications or your medical history.

6. Keep track of the foods you like most and remember to purchase your meal replacements before you run out.

Our PSMF diet weight loss plan really is as easy as it looks! Any five or six meal replacements of your choice, 96 ounces of water, a potassium supplement, a multivitamin and a few grocery freebies! No counting calories, carbs or points - we've taken all the guesswork and confusing steps out of the equation and have you covered on meal prep for this first phase of the bariatric diet with our convenient meal replacement options! Start feeling better and looking your best today. Let us help! Call 205-397-8850.

Phase 2
Phase 2 of the Protein Sparing Modified Fasting diet is called Realimentation. Once you are within 5 pounds of your goal weight, we will gradually reintroduce grocery foods back in to your diet under our professional supervision. The purpose of this 4-week process is to slowly increase calories and restore digestive functions from fasting mode back to their normal capacity.

Realimentation Overview

Week 1 - 5 meal replacements + protein, salad, and vegetable

Week 2 - 4 meal replacements + protein, salad, vegetable, and fruit

Week 3 - 3 meal replacements + protein, salad, vegetable, fruit, and dairy

Week 4 - 2 meal replacements + protein, salad, vegetable, fruit, dairy, and starch
View full refeeding schedule.

Metabolic Testing - At the end of week 4, patients we see in our clinic will undergo an impedance and calorimetery test to measure metabolism. From these tests, we will design an individualized meal plan that lets you know just how many calories you personally can consume each day and maintain your weight within 5 pounds. Dr. Morgan feels this information is vital to your success in maintenance! The customized meal plan includes foods that you like to prepare, eat, and shop for. Most of them also include your favorite meal replacements because they are so portable, affordable, and easy to prepare! If you live in or around the Birmingham area, we highly recommend coming in to our office for these metabolic tests. Please call us at 205-397-8850 for more information.

Phase 3

Phase 3 of the Protein-Sparing Modified Fasting diet is the Lifetime Maintenance phase. This portion of our program is the final and most important phase. Patients who have remained actively involved in a supervised weight maintenance program have achieved 100 percent success in keeping their weight off. Whether you reach this phase of the diet six months after bariatric surgery or it takes you a few years, you’ve made it so far and are well-prepared for a lifetime of health!

In the 18 months that follow your bariatric diet, you'll confront the inevitable hurdles to weight loss: holidays, vacations, stressors, etc. We know you are human and understand these things can lead to weight regain. That’s why, to help you maintain the results from the PSFM diet, our bariatric specialists will continue to counsel you on dietary recommendations, exercise and building new, healthier relationships with food. In addition, the Health & Wellness Bariatric app will put a range of valuable tools such as integrated weight loss monitoring and easy food journaling at your fingertips.
We measure our success by your ability to maintain your goal weight long after you've graduated from our program. We make sure you are equipped with the right information to re-enter a world full of temptations and confusing choices. Long-term dieting with the Protein-Sparing Modified Fasting program is truly the most effective, lasting way to stay true to yourself. Reaching your goal is not the end of our relationship - it's just the beginning!