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Creamy Tomato Soup Mix

Creamy Tomato Soup Mix For When It's Cold Out

When it’s cold outside, or perhaps you have a cold yourself, and only a bowl of soup will hit the spot, there is no reason not to give into that craving. This is especially true when a bowl of soup provides numerous health benefits, in addition to perhaps helping to cure your congestion. 1020 Wellness offers a number of soups that are delicious and provide multiple health benefits, a favorite among which is our healthy creamy tomato soup. Continue reading to find out how this soup is good for you!

One serving of healthy tomato soup from 1020 Wellness has only 100 calories and 1.6 grams of fat. At the same time, it provides 15 grams of protein, meaning that it qualifies as an entire meal replacement – this is especially handy when you are feeling sick and don’t have much of an appetite - just slurp down some low-calorie tomato soup and you’ve got all the nutrients you need. Find more detailed nutritional information right here.

Another great thing about 1020 Wellness’s low-fat tomato soup is how easy it is to make. Just mix and munch – yet another convenience for those who are not feeling at the top of their game.

You will find plenty more delicious soups at our store, including cream of broccoli, beef and vegetable, and home-style chicken. Enjoy the great taste of a hearty soup to pick up your spirits and deliver some essential nutrients! Be sure to check out our hot beverages as well. 1020 Wellness has plenty of healthy foods and snacks to keep you satiated and warm in the winter. Start preparing!