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healthy low calorie snacks

Healthy Desserts & Low Calorie Snacks

Two of the most detrimental meals to a weight loss program are snacks and desserts. Many dieters will have a snack here and there without realizing just how unhealthy they can be, and how it can affect their diet. Some may treat themselves to dessert, only to have it set their diet back. With 1020 Wellness's low calorie snacks and healthy desserts, sticking to your high protein diet or post-procedure bariatric diet won’t be an issue.

Our dessert selection features a great selection of delicious, healthy deserts. Try our healthy rice crispy treats, which contain high protein content so you can treat yourself without feeling guilty. They feature the same chewy flavor as the real thing, minus the fat and calories. Other options include delicious chocolate and vanilla puddings, which are packed with vitamins and protein to keep your bariatric diet on track. We even have cookies that make great desserts for weight loss.

Our snack selection will also help you get through the day with healthy chips, pretzels, and nuts that are perfect to grab in the afternoon for a quick pick-me-up snack. These are all high protein snacks, which will help you burn calories and stay full throughout the day. Shop 1020 Wellness today for the lowest prices online! Results will vary from patient to patient based on a variety of factors.



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