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Lifetime Maintenance Program

Lifetime Maintenance Program

The Lifetime Maintenance program is limited to In-House patients only.

1020 Wellness has helped thousands of people make big changes in their lives, but Dr. Morgan and his staff aren’t just committed to helping you lose weight – they want to make sure you never put it back on.

Why is a maintenance plan important?

Dr. Morgan feels like you can lose weight doing any program you choose, but keeping weight off is a different story. We know that our patients need a maintenance program to help them keep that weight off forever. The statistics just aren’t that great for keeping weight off. About 80 percent of people will regain their weight if they’re not involved in a maintenance program. He wants this to be the last diet that a person ever has to do. We know that our patients have invested a huge amount of time, money and effort, and taking advantage of our free maintenance program is a really great way to protect that investment.

So how is this different than other weight loss plans?

The scariest part is coming off of the program, and so we’re able to help our patients transition from dieting to maintaining. This diet is not a one-size-fits-all – it’s different for everybody. We use testing to get a basal metabolic rate, and then we can design a meal plan that’s personalized and tailored to suit your lifestyle.

Reaching your weight loss goal is important, but it’s just the beginning of your relationship at 1020 Wellness. Your support, specialized meal plans and monitoring last a lifetime. Call 1020 Wellness today!