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Low-Carb Weight Loss Soups

Starting a meal with a low carb soup is an effective way to keeping your calorie intake low for the rest of the meal. Filling up on a healthy, water-rich food gives you the nutrition you need without a heavy meal that’s high in calories. Our soups have the added benefit of having high protein content which fills you up and helps burn extra calories.

If you are on a liquid diet to prepare for a bariatric surgery, or if you’re on a protein sparing modified fast, these soups are perfect for warding off the hunger that comes with a diet. Because our soups qualify as meal replacements, they are packed with vitamins and protein that give you the nutrition you need to make it through the day while keeping your energy high. Not only are they nutritious, but our weight loss soups have the taste you crave, including creamy tomato, cream of chicken, and chicken noodle soup.

Our soups are formulated to help you not only stick to your regimen, but to enjoy your diet as well. Choose your favorite from our selection of soups and jump start your new lifestyle with weight loss soups from 1020 Wellness. Our bariatric specialists are standing by to help you. Results will vary from patient to patient based on a variety of factors.



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